Schneider Electric is a global specialist in energy management with operations in more than 100 countries; Schneider Electric offers integrated solutions to make energy safe, reliable, efficient, productive and green across multiple market segments. The Group has leadership positions in energy and infrastructure, industrial processes, building automation, and data centres/networks, as well as a broad presence in residential applications. In 2010 ,Schneider Electric has €19.6bn Global Sales in 2010 with 37% of sales in new economies The group has more than 110 000 employees.

Schneider Electric is offers products and solutions for 5 main markets

  • Energy & Infrastructure (main customers: Electrical utilities, water & waste treatment plants, Public sector investors, oil & gas infrastructure, Marine sector, etc.)
  • Industry (main customers: Engineering firms, systems integrators, OEMs, large industrial companies, panel builders and electrical equipment distributors, end users.
  • Data centers and networks (main customers: From small companies to global groups, hospitals, administrations, etc. Our customers are where the availability and quality of the electrical energy is critical.)
  • Buildings: (main customers: Developers, engineering offices, developers, engineering and design firms, systems integrators, contractors, panelbuilders, electrical equipment distributors, building operators and end-users.
  • Residential: (main customers: Architects, building owners, developers, building contractors, electricians, electrical equipment distributors, DIY superstores and end users.
  • For all these markets, our products and services solutions cover: Processes control and supervision, Power supply & distribution, Energy monitoring and control, Utility management (lighting, ventilation, elevators, intruder alert, etc, Smart electrical networks management, Single site or multi-site production data management, Critical power, Machine control and monitoring, Architecture design and installation audits, Leading-edge UPS systems, electrical switchgear, generators, etc, Cooling systems with a unique rack-based cooling technique to avoid overheating

Innovation and R&D;

Schneider electric invests between 4 to 5% of its sales in R&D activities (more than €818 milion) with more than 8600 engineering in 25 countries). The main R&D hubs are based in Grenoble, Shangai, Bangalore and Boston. The main objective is to develop solutions that not only optimise efficiency and reduce costs, but also deliver increased simplicity, ease of use, and environmental benefit. These new responses to the issues of energy efficiency and the emerging Smart Grid incorporate high technologyproducts, services, and software.

Radoslava Mitova obtained her engineering diploma from the French department of Electrical Engineering (Technical University of Sofia) in 2001. She received Ph.D degree in Power electronics from the National Polytechnic Institute of Grenoble in 2005. She also worked for a in PEARL Lab (Tarbes) on high voltage architectures with medium voltage transformer for railway traction. She joined Schneider Electric in 2007 and she is involved in industrial anticipation project in power electronics and in particular on new material powersemiconductors (SiC, GaN). She has experience in several FP6 European (MinAmi) and national collaborative projects (HOMES, SiCHT2) coordination and WP leadership.

Contact Address: 38 TEC, 37 quai Paul Louis Merlin, 38050 Grenoble


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