Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique et aux Energies Alternatives - LITEN

The CEA (French Atomic Energy Commission) is an internationally recognized technological research organization in the domains of energy, information and health technologies and defence. Its CEA/LITEN Institute (Laboratory of Innovation for New Energy Technologies and Nanomaterials) aims at developing new energy technologies and focuses on three key areas: hydrogen/fuel cells, photovoltaic energy and nanomaterials : (i)Technologies for motor vehicle transport, e.g. electric vehicle (fuel cells, Li batteries, production of hydrogen,purification, development of biofuels…) (ii) Solar energy for building (development of rank solar Si, increase in the output of the photovoltaic solar cells, electric systems, thermal systems, building integration…) (iii) Mobile electronics and high technology industry (micro energy sources, organic electronic devices …). Its activity in the thermoelectric field develops applications for thermo-electric generation and cooling in a large number of applications (automotive, nomad, avionics, household). Its technology developments covers thin film, bulk and printed thermoelectric nanomaterials technology. It is supported by a 20 person large R&D team (9 permanent staff), which has developed competences from fundamental nanomaterials transport theory, and thermoelectric nanomaterials development to system design, and prototype demonstration. LITEN is a major partner for industry with 350 partnership research contracts in course this year, and a 410 patents portfolio (135 in 2009). The R&Dpersonnel of LITEN is 850 (15000 for CEA) and LITEN turnover is 120M€.



17 rue des martyrs38054 Grenoble Cedex 9

Phone : (+33) 4 38 78 40 71

Ms Simon is leading the thermoelectric group at CEA-LITEN since 2009. Born in 1975, she graduated from the french national engineering school for Physics (ENSPG) in Grenoble in 1998, before graduating her PhD in solidstate physics in 2001. Research Engineer in advanced photo-lithography in CEA/LETI from 2001 to 2009, she has been involved in several european (NMP/MD3, NMP/NEAT) and national collaborative project coordination (ANR/THERMAESCAPE, ANR/THERMOINNOV) and WP leadership (FP7/More Moore). She will take advantage of her microelectronic/materials science double culture to ensure fruitful collaboration in between the partners of WP2.

Christelle NAVONE R&D research engineer, first graduated her PhD in the solid state thin films batteries field. She’s been hired in CEA in 2006, and has been in charge of the bulk and printed thermoelectric devices at LITEN. She will conduct the technical activities regarding the nanomaterials production and characterization.

Tristan CAROFF R&D research engineer in CEA-LITEN thermoelectric group. After his PhD onsupraconductivity in 2008, he has been hired in CEA to develop analytical design tools for thermoelectrics applications. He is working on robust assembly processes development for thermoelectric micro-modules and integration into industrial demonstrators. He will be in charge of design, integration and demonstration activities in the Smart POWER project.