TAIPRO Engineering is a start-up of the MICROSYS laboratory of the University of Liege. TAIPRO Engineering’s target market is the tailored microsystems (smart sensors). Its goal is to give a high level support to identify and respond to needs of industrialists.

TAIPRO Engineering focuses its activities on innovative assembly (packaging) of existing sensors and microelectronic COTS (Components Off The Shelf) to perform customized solutions with new functionalities for industrial applications. TAIPRO Engineering offers high technology services in and around the fields of microelectronics, microsystems and packaging. Therefore, TAIPRO Engineering’s core business is to design TAIlored microsystems improving industrial PROducts or PROcesses. This is the reason why it’s called “TAIPRO Engineering”.


TAIPRO Engineering’s offer can be summarized in three main strategic axes:

  • Full development project based on a functional and/or technical specification [a priori for industrial companies having no or few specific knowledge in the field of (micro)electronics]: feasibility studies – Proof of concept / prototype / demonstrator – very small production series (20 – 100 pieces);
  • Packaging consultancy and pre-production series for front-end and back-end sectors which need specific support before manufacturing: feasibility studies, support for packaging choices (wire bonds, die attach, solder paste, substrate, package…), demonstration and characterization, very small production series (20 – 100 pieces);
  • Training on specific packaging and testing equipment of the MICROSYS laboratory.

In a near future, TAIPRO Engineering’s offer will be extended to “larger series” of microsystems or specific packages (~5,000 to 10,000 pieces/year).

To develop its activities, TAIPRO Engineering has an access to MICROSYS’ facilities[1] which include 12 specific equipments dedicated to versatile packaging operations (manual equipment with programmable parameters) located in a 200 m² certified clean room (ISO 7 – class 10000).

With these equipments, TAIPRO Engineering is able to assemble, interconnect, encapsulate and characterize a wide range of microsystems.

Capabilities of the facility: wafer scribing (till 6’’), plasma cleaning, pick and place (die attach, SMD and bare die pick & place, flip chip), ultrasonic wire bonding, tests (wire pull test, ball & die shear test, leak detector, electrical measurements), microsystems protection (potting, globe top, dam and fill, hermetic seam sealing), PCB gold  plating, PCB machining, package decapsulation.


Key Expertise Related to the project

TAIPRO Engineering focuses its activities on innovative micro assembly (packaging) of sensors and microelectronic components to perform customized solutions/microassemblies/packging techniques.

TAIPRO Engineering is therefore able to do:

  • Tailored development project for in situ proof of concept demonstration,
  • Standard & nonstandard packaging/micro assembly consultancy and pre-production series before manufacturing,
  • Training on specific packaging and testing equipment

Key Personnel

Michel Saint-Mard:

Mechanical Engineer from the University of Liege, Professional experience:

  • 3 years research engineer at the Royal Military Academy,
  • 8 years project manager for cryogenic space valve development,
  • 4 years Responsible of the MICROSYS Laboratory (microelectronic packaging laboratory) of the University of Liege,
  • since February 2009, managing director of TAIPRO Engineering.

Fabrice Haudry:

Electronic Engineer from the University of Liege, Professional experience:

  • 8 Years research engineering at University of Liege in different research project with industrial interaction/output
  • 1 year project engineer at TAIPRO Engineering. Development of new microsystem for new smart solutions.