National Institute for Research and Development in Micro Technologies (IMT), Romania

Contact :
Alexandru Müller

Partner description (non technical)

IMT Bucharest is a non-budgetary public research unit supervised by the Romanian Ministry of Education, Research, Youth and Sport. The field of activity of IMT-Bucharest covers: micro and nano-fabrication technologies, microsystems including MOEMS and RF-MEMS. IMT coordinated or participated in 16 FP6 projects (IPs, STREPs, NoEs, RTNs) in the fiels of RF-MEMS, photonics, micro-nanotechnologies, microfluidics. Now IMT is involved in 6 FP7 projects and 10 European cooperation projects related to FP7 (ENIAC JTU, COST, MNT ERANET, Leonardo Da Vinci)

Description of the background (technical)

The laboratory of Micromachined microwave and millimeter wave circuits: has unique expertise in the field of Membrane supported millimeter wave circuits. The lab has coordinated one of the first European projects in the MEMS/Microwave topics, “Micromachined circuits for microwave and millimeter wave applications”- “MEMSWAVE” (FP4, 1998-2001) nominated for the Descartes Prize 2002. The team was involved in the FP6 European NoE in RF MEMS “AMICOM - Advanced MEMS for RF and Millimeter Wave Communications”(2004-2007) developing Yagi-Uga and folded slot membrane supported antennas for mm wave circuits, millimetre wave receivers, components for millimetre wave identification systems and acoustic devices for GHz applications based on micromachining and nano-processing of GaN/Si. The lab is now coordinating the FP7 project MIMOMEMS “European Centre of Excellence in Microwave, Millimetre Wave and Optical Devices, based on Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems for Advanced Communication Systems and Sensors” (2008-2011), is participating at the FP7 STREP “MEMS 4 MMIC (coordinator IMST GmbH, Germany) at three ENIAC JTU projects and one MNT ERANET project. The scientists from this group have published an important number of high quality papers in the topics of membrane supported millimeter wave circuits.

The laboratory has strong competence and expertise in the development of a new generation of circuits for millimetre wave communications based on the semiconductor micromachining and nanoprocessing materials (passive circuits elements, monolithically and hybrid integrated receiver front-ends based on silicon and GaAs micromachining, acoustic devices (FBARs and SAWs) based on micromachining and nanoprocessing of wide band gap semiconductors (AlN, GaN), microwave devices based on carbon nanotubes)

Commercial simulation tools (IE3D, Fidelity and CST), measurements facilities up to 110 GHz (VNA with „on wafer” probe station, frequency synthesizer and spectrum analyzer), characterization system nanolithography equipments, AFM, mask manufacturing facilities and Optical profiler WLI – Photomap 3D are available.