Infineon Technologies AG, Neubiberg, Germany, offers semiconductor and system solutions addressing three central challenges to modern society: energy efficiency, mobility, and security. In the 2010 fiscal year (ending September), the company reported sales of Euro 3.295 billion, with approximately 25,119 employees worldwide (as of April 2011). Infineon has a strong technology portfolio with about 15,400 patents and patent applications (as of Feb. 2011), developed at more than 20 R&D locations all over the world.

Infineon has long years of experience in semiconductor solutions for automotive, industrial and chip card applications, and develops, manufactures and markets innovative semiconductor products and complete SoC solutions. Infineon is market leader in semiconductors for chip card and industrial applications (sensors, power semiconductors and microcontrollers), and No 2 in automotive semiconductors in Europe and worldwide.

Infineon is one of the leading companies in power electronics as with the CoolMos technology, the IGBTs and the SiC technology and No 2 worldwide as manufacturer of high power IGBT modules. Research activities have been conducted on Catrene / ENIAC level like HotCar, SPOT-2, MAS, or SmartPM.


Infineon Technologies AG – high-power semiconductors for the global market from Warstein

Its products from Warstein make Infineon Technologies AG one of the world’s leading manufacturers of power semiconductors in module and wafer form. The story begins in 1990 with the merger of the semiconductor operations of AEG and Siemens to create eupec GmbH, which became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infineon Technologies AG, Munich, in April 1999 and was fully integrated into the parent company on October 1, 2005 as part of a group restructuring exercise. The Warstein site is home to manufacturing, module development and sales and distribution for power semiconductor components for the world market. Power semiconductors from Warstein are used in power electronics applications from around 500 W to more than 1 GW, typically in the following areas:

Drives: rolling-mills, printing presses, machine tools, pumps, fans and domestic applications from 500 W to more than 1 MW

Traction: train drive systems, onboard power supplies,

Metal processing: welding technology, inductive heating, laser applications

Energy networks: high-voltage direct current transmission and power compensation

Power supplies: medical equipment, off-grid, static and uninterruptible power supplies

Automotive electronics: power modules for electrical drives in hybrid technology The success of the Warstein operation stems not just from its recognized high product quality, but also from its clear innovative strength: developments from the site have raised the bar in the sector and the news has spread quickly among customers. These products and their excellent quality and reliability – vital factors in such key components, especially in drive technology – have built a worldwide reputation that has raised the site to the pinnacle of the sector. The Warstein site has played a substantial role in the ongoing development and optimization of power semiconductors. The technologies for which it has helped to pave the way include some that enable customers to make considerable cuts in energy usage, which benefits the environment as well as energy consumers.


Dr. Wilhelm Maurer received his PhD in Physics at the University of Vienna, Austria. After some years in University-driven publically funded projects, he worked for various companies in the area of lithography & mask making. One of these companies was Siemens Semiconductors, which later became Infineon Technologies. During these venues, he also gathered experience in funding projects (Medea et al.). From 2000 to 2004, Wilhelm was Marketing Director in San Jose, CA, first for KLA-Tencor, then for Mentor Graphics. In 2004 he joined again Infineon Technologies for various technical and management positions. Currently, he is coordinator of funding projects at Infineon Technologies in Neubiberg, Germany. He has published >50 scientific papers, and holds 6 active patents. Dr. Maurer will serve as project coordinator for Infineon.

Dr. Olaf Hohlfeld, with Infineon since 2007, is member of innovative concepts team. He has 15 years experience in semiconductor packaging and related technologies. Since 10 years he is working in the field of power electronics packaging.